Grinding Machine, model: Ts-2700


Soft powder, Low volume, Powerful

The Ts-2700 grinding machine has pin mill mechanism and its body is made of cast iron. The electric power of this machine is single phase and it is suitable for powdering dry materials. By having five types of lace with different meshing it becomes possible to powder various types of materials. The powder made from this machine has a special softness and has the most use is in workshops with 40 to 80 Kgs per hour.


Mechanism PIN MILL
Output Power 5 hp
Speed 4000 rpm
Capacity 40 liter
Dimension 50×70×130 cm
Weight 80 Kgs
Input power 1 ph
Efficiency 40 to 80 kg / h
Paraphernalia Five types of lace with different meshing

One bag

Four wheels





آسیاب پره دنده TS-2200



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